Mendut Temple

mendutMendut history. Mendut temple located in the area. Mendut is a temple located east of the straight line triad temples (Borobudur, Pawon, Mendut). This temple was founded by the Sailendra dynasty and Buddhism in which it is set, in which it is indicated by the shape of the stupa as many as 48 pieces at the atasnya.Tidak known exactly when this temple was founded. But a Dutch archeology mention that in the inscriptions found in villages Karangtengah bertarikh 824M argued that the king Indra has built a shrine called venunavayang means bamboo forests. If this is true then surely Mendut founded in the 8th century AD. Mendut temple Mendut

On the inside of the temple there is a room containing the altar where the three statues of Buddha stands. All three statues are starting from the far left is Vajravani Bodhisattvas, Sakyamuni Buddha and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. These three Buddha statues are still in good condition, some flowers and incense visible lying underneath. An iron fence was built at the front of the statue to avoid excessive visitor interaction / no interest on this third Buddha statue.

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