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Alun – Alun Kidul

Alun---alunAlun-alun (formerly written aloen-aloen or aloon-aloon) is a large open field and grass surrounded by roads and can be used various community activities.

In ancient times the square is a place where the kidul soldiers practice. Hinggga now, the existence of the left-handed square still leaves some myths that developed in the community of Jogja. That said, South Square was deliberately built behind the palace so that the rear of the palace looks like the front so it does not turn to the southern sea. South Sea itself is guarded by Nyi Roro Kidul who supposedly has a magical relationship with the king of Mataram.

The second myth is about game masangin (enter two banyan). Masangin is a game that is actually quite simple but quite difficult to do. The rule of the game is, visitors are required to walk about 20 meters from the front Sasono Hinggil towards the middle of the twin beringin which is in the middle of the square. What is rather difficult is that visitors are required to walk in a closed eye. Although seemingly trivial, in fact many visitors who failed to pass this challenge. Instead of heading towards the middle of the twin banyan, many participants are walking in the other direction. That said, only those who have a clean heart who managed to do this game.

If you want to try this game but forget to bring a blindfold, you can rent a blind eye for 5,000. And there is another game going around the southern square using an ornamental bicycle that can be rented on the spot,